Classified Information

letter i copyThe letter is not just a first-person pronoun to describe oneself. It is also used as a symbol for “information,” and as someone who’s worked within the world of information services for several years, I am accustomed to using various systems that classify information. But when it comes to classifying myself, I usually shrink from the task. I mean; does my Myers-Briggs type, political affiliation, or astrological sign really define me?

Well, maybe not, but in the professional world, the rhetoric of résumés and personal accomplishments do call for a labeling of sorts, and with that in mind, here are a few words — no, they’re not authorized by the Library of Congress — by which I might classify myself and elaborate on their meanings within these pages:

  • Leader, Teacher, Searcher.
  • Reader, Writer, Babbler.
  • Drummer, Strummer, Listener.
  • Xer, Seeker, Dreamer.

Now, how’s that for classified information?


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