Career Summary


Matthew Bodie believes in the transformative power of education, and that’s why he has devoted his career to leadership, learning, and service within higher education.

More specifically, Matthew’s leadership has bolstered the public and instructional services at libraries and learning centers, both on campus and online, for the past decade and most recently at St. Petersburg College (SPC). There, he leads and provides vision for personnel, pedagogies, programs, and resources within libraries and learning centers, ensuring a vibrant, student-centered environment sustaining over 60,000 visits a year and supporting and collaborating with over a dozen academic disciplines.

In his tenure at SPC, Matthew has formed valuable partnerships in order to help take Learning Resources in bold, new directions. In cooperation with fellow administrators and staff, he designed and implemented a new integrated library space for individual and group instruction in research and writing across the disciplines; added a science resource lab, supporting differentiated learning in the natural sciences, and staff to maintain it; introduced new commitments to supplemental instruction, peer mentoring, targeted workshops, and online resources; and increased instructional staff, adding up to 175 extra personnel hours of academic support a week.

In addition to his leadership, Matthew has designed and delivered college courses in research, writing, and technology since 2009. Moreover, he has served the college community by working on committees and councils to support initiatives on learning resources, critical thinking, regional accreditation, common reading programs, common course development, scholarly communication, and student retention and completion. He also served as co-advisor for the Tau Zeta chapter of The Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society from 2012-2014.