Visual Rhet: Mood Board

My research interests have revolved around writing centers, specifically as they are partnered with libraries and librarians.  This Pinterest board reflects what we call the Writing Studio, located at the Clearwater campus. As you will see, one large desk is at the center, and normally on one side, the librarians are seated and on the other are writing specialists.  The idea is for a collaborative space that provides individual instruction in research and writing in a seamless way.

As I think about visual rhetorics, I consider the space of the Writing Studio: its design and its meaning.  Questions arise, such as: How does the design affect identity within the space, both for students and personnel? What subjectivity is found in the space?  What ideologies and assumptions stem from the space?  What image do students have of this type of space if they have no previous reference point for writing centers?

See Pinterest Board


2 thoughts on “Visual Rhet: Mood Board

  1. This is such a rich site to explore. An enormous amount of care goes into thinking abou the space of most writing centers. You’ll also want to look at rhetorics and architecture. Bernard Tschumi for sure.

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