me_single_park_vignetteOutside of my professional career, I enjoy spending time with my beautiful wife and two (usually) happy and hilarious children.
I also read a great deal, including too many insipid Facebook postings, and am still trying to get through all of the “classics” purchased over the years (nineteenth century lit is still my favorite).  I not only enjoy the written creations of others, but I also have made some attempts at the creative process myself in the form of poetry.
What’s more, I listen to music–and plenty of it–as the more than 15,000 songs in my iTunes library might indicate. In addition to just listening, I’ve been actively involved in performing music as a percussionist since age nine, but I have been on hiatus from any regular jam sessions since parental duties took over years ago.  In the meantime, I tinker around with piano and acoustic guitar and can plunk or pluck out enough chords to amble my way through a few pop tunes.  That said, I tell my wife that my next career of choice will be rock-star.  She laughs, and the kids tell me I’m too old, but hey, stranger things have happened.


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